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The Now Sound

Slow the Mind – One Breath At A Time

The Greatness of Silence? It Simply Is.

The Now Sound is dedicated to sharing an ancient breathing technique for slowing the mind, while experiencing the fearlessness and joy of silence. The Now Sound enhances the modus of breathing by honoring one beautiful breath at a time thereby creating stillness within the noise and motion of this dance called life.

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Stillness in Motion

The hummingbird is the icon of the Now Sound
because it represents stillness in motion. We believe
most of us do not organize a block of time to enjoy the
power of silence. But, who doesn’t have 8 seconds? One
conscious breath a day is better than none. And, like the
old potato chip commercial, “I bet you can’t eat just one.”
The Now Sound can be practiced anytime during the day
when you don’t need your mind. Examples are when you
awake, taking a shower or walking where you know where
you are going. Please share with us your “no mind” times.

Be your Inner Kid

If you are content, we want to hear from you. The Now
Sound is a learning organization. We wake every morning
with “Beginner’s Mind”. What is working for you may work
for someone else. We believe the only reason to be in this
dance called life is to help others. We also believe the Now Sound may
enhance your joy and creativity or that of your company or
organization. Drop us a line. We promise to respond shortly.
Thanks for being you.

Down Not Out

If you are bummed, depressed, worried, sleepless
or suicidal, please contact us. The Now Sound is
NOT a panacea for happiness, but it may help bring
Peace in the moment, one beautiful breath at a time.

Palaver Rhymes with Gather

The Now Sound Palaver is like a seminar except it is only 90 entertaining minutes long.
The Now Sound welcomes invitations from companies, small groups, schools and universities.
We offer our program to decision makers gratis in order to assess its power and relevance.

Golf in the Now

Butch Harmon said, “In golf the mind is a terrible thing.” The mind’s proclivity to go (and stay) in the past or the future during a round is the antithesis of being in the moment. (aka the zone.) Our ancient breathing technique will help hacks to pros quiet the mind and be the ball. Mind slow, go low.


22 Veterans commit suicide every day. 30% of veterans have considered suicide. We believe the Now Sound may effectively interrupt the thought: “I am going to kill myself.” The Now Sound has developed a business plan to train veterans to share The Now Sound in VFW clubs across the country thereby eliminating travel difficulties and the stigma of psychological therapy.

Are you holding a painful, stressful story? The Now Sound will help.

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Credo: When invited we show up.

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